Pet Diagnostics  in Columbus, OH

Pet Diagnostics in Columbus, OH

With our in-house diagnostic tools, our veterinary team can do a better job of getting to the heart of various pet health problems. Whether your pet is seemingly healthy, has a chronic cough, or appears injured but you’re not sure of the cause, our testing and imaging equipment can give us the answers we need to treat any existing issues. Easton Animal Hospital offers extensive in-house laboratory testing, along with digital radiography (X-ray) and ultrasound.

If your pet has an ongoing health issue or needs their annual blood work, call us today at (614) 476-0000.

The Importance of Routine Blood Work

For a more complete evaluation of your pet’s health, we strongly recommend annual blood work and fecal exams. Typical blood tests include complete blood counts and tests for liver and kidney function, but we also recommend routine heartworm and tick-borne disease testing because these pests are prevalent in our area. In addition, a fecal analysis can alert us to intestinal parasites and other GI problems.

Regular blood work helps us monitor your pet’s condition and compare their current state of health to that of the past. This enables our team to treat your pet appropriately and prevent any existing issues from getting worse.

pet diagnostics in columbus, oh

Additional Diagnostics

Along with blood and fecal analysis, we can also perform urine tests (urinalysis), fluid analysis, biopsies, and, if necessary, exploratory surgery.

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Digital X-ray and Dental X-ray

Easton Animal Hospital uses full digital X-ray and dental X-ray equipment to closely evaluate the bones, joints, and teeth. With digital technology, your pet is exposed to less radiation than they would be with film X-ray, and it provides higher-quality images of the affected areas to aid in diagnosis.

Our dental X-ray machine plays an important role in helping us identify periodontal disease and other harmful oral diseases in dogs and cats. Without it, we would not be able to detect weakness in the jawbone or lesions/abscesses below the gum line.


If we need to evaluate your pet’s abdominal organs, we can do so with ultrasound. X-ray is limited to the bones and joints, but ultrasound reveals the organs and blood vessels in surprising detail--and in motion.