Personalized Cat and Dog Boarding  in Columbus, OH

Personalized Cat and Dog Boarding in Columbus, OH

Our cat and dog boarding in Columbus, OH is not just a convenience for pet owners to make sure their pets are fed and taken care of while they’re away. We give each guest personal attention during their stay, and we offer a spacious, friendly, home-like environment that helps to put them at ease and make their time with us more enjoyable.

Boarding can be a stressful experience for dogs and cats, especially for those not used to staying overnight in an unfamiliar place. Because our hospital is dedicated to eliminating stress wherever possible, we go the extra step to meet your pet’s emotional needs as well as their physical health needs.

dog boarding in columbus, oh
What Our Boarding Facility Offers

Our dog boarding facility here at Easton is designed around your pet’s comfort and enjoyment. Some notable features of our boarding service include:

  • An enclosed outdoor yard for exercise and bathroom breaks
  • Spacious dog runs
  • Lots of personal attention from our team members
  • Outings 4x daily and several times a day on the weekend
  • We provide blankets and bowls, and encourage owners to bring their own food (but we can provide a prescription gastrointestinal food)

Please note: Sunday pet pick-ups must be prepaid and pre-arranged with our staff, and pet owners must arrive for pick-up at 6:30pm-7pm. 

Health Requirements to Board Your Pet

At Easton Animal Hospital, we take pride in maintaining a clean, safe, and cheerful environment for our staff, clients, and patients. To ensure your pet’s safety and the safety of our guests while boarding, please make sure your pet meets the following health requirements prior to their stay:

Cats: Current with FVRCP and rabies vaccines; had negative fecal test within the last 12 months

Dogs: Current with DHPP, rabies, Influenza, Leptospirosis and Bordetella vaccines; had negative fecal test within the last 12 months

If you need to update your pet’s vaccinations or have them tested for parasites, be sure to call  (614) 476-0000 and schedule these treatments in advance!

Call us today at (614) 476-0000 to reserve your pet’s boarding reservation!